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Biometric definitions - Behavioral

24/02/2012 13:10 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

image Behavioral.

Behavioral traits have come consideration as biometric characteristics more recently than biological traits such as fingerprints and facial images.

Informally, however, behaviors have long been relied on to recognize individuals. People speak, walk, write, and sign their names in distinctive ways. Not all behavioral traits are equally valuable as methods of recognizing individuals, of course, nor are all biological traits. Differences in the reliability of various biometric modalities are explained later in this blog.

The NTSC glossary defines behavioral biometric character as a biometric characteristic that is learned and acquired over time rather than one based primarily on biology. All biometric characteristics depend somewhat upon both behavioral and biological characteristics. Examples of biometric modalities for which behavioral characteristics may dominate include signature recognition and keystroke dynamics. Note : The term biology and biological as used here and elsewhere in this blog may be considered as synonyms for physical or physiological rather than as references to the science of biology, unless a reference to that science is either specified or is obvious.

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